Grade Replacement

Try again with grade replacement

If you did poorly in a course, you may be able to take it again to remove your earlier grade from your cumulative GPA. You can take advantage of this grade replacement policy if:

  • You’re an undergraduate student
  • You’re pursuing your first bachelor’s degree

If you choose to take a course a second time, you must notify your school recorder that you want to have your first grade replaced. Replacement doesn’t happen automatically.

Contact your academic advisor to review your best grading options in regard to your academic success.

The fine print

You can use grade replacement for a maximum of 15 credit hours, subject to approval by your school. You can request a grade replacement no more than twice for a single course, and each attempt counts toward your 15-credit limit.

To use grade replacement, the repeated course grade should be the same as or higher than your previous attempt at the course. Any replaced grades will be excluded from your cumulative GPA, but will still appear on your academic record with an X to show that the grade was excluded.

Some IUPUI schools may not honor grade replacement when you apply to the school or in computing your graduation honors. Check with your school or division for more information.

A student may grade replace an Honors course (or a course taken under an Honors contract) with a non-Honors course.  However, once the X'd grade is applied, the original course will no longer count towards Honors program requirements.

Once a grade replacement has been put on your record, it can’t be reversed.

Grade replacement is available only for courses taken at Indiana University.

For more information about grade replacement at IUPUI, read IUPUI Faculty Council’s policies and resolutions.