Steps for Ivy Tech Students

Information for Ivy Tech students

If you’re an undergraduate taking classes at certain Ivy Tech campuses and also at IUPUI or IUPUC, you may be able to receive financial aid to assist with the costs of attending both schools.

We maintain two financial assistance agreements with Ivy Tech:

  • Passport Financial Assistance Agreement (IUPUI). This agreement is between the Ivy Tech Central Indiana campuses and IUPUI only.
  • Financial Assistance Agreement (IUPUC). This agreement is between the Ivy Tech Columbus campus and IUPUC only.

Your financial aid will be determined based on your overall enrollment at both schools. Additionally, only classes that will apply to your degree objective will be included when we determine your financial aid eligibility.

Classes taken at any other Ivy Tech campuses (including online classes through another Ivy Tech campus) are not included in either of these agreements.

What to do if you're taking classes at Ivy Tech and IUPUI or IUPUC

Note that there are special requirements for CVO awards.

Your home school

Your home school is the school where you’re enrolled in a degree program and from where you’ll earn your degree. Your home school will also process, monitor, and disburse your financial aid.

Your host school

Your host school is the school you’re visiting to complete part of your degree program requirements. Your host school will not process financial aid for the semester specified on your agreement.

Why do I need to complete a financial assistance agreement form?

Federal regulations state that you can receive financial aid for any given enrollment period only at the school where you’re seeking a degree. This means that you can’t receive aid at both schools during the same semester. You must complete the form each semester to avoid overpayment of financial aid funds—and to keep from having to untangle a money mess.

All about the financial assistance agreement form

You’ll need to complete the appropriate financial assistance agreement form each semester. For the most aid consideration, be sure to submit your completed agreement before classes start.


If you’re studying at IUPUI and an Ivy Tech Central Indiana campus, complete the Passport Financial Assistance Agreement.


If you’re studying at IUPUC and Ivy Tech Columbus, complete the Financial Assistance Agreement.

Please contact the Office of Student Financial Services at 317-274-4162 or with questions or to request these forms in an accessible format.

Make sure you allow at least one month for the entire process to be completed:

  • One week for your academic advisor to complete their section.
  • One to two weeks for your host school to complete their section and return the form to your home school. When you submit the form to your host school, check with their financial aid office to determine if you need to pick up the completed form from them or if they will deliver it directly to your home school.
  • One to two weeks for your home school to verify your enrollment and process your financial aid awards.

Your home school can’t disburse your financial aid funds until this process is complete. You’re responsible for any charges to your student account at both schools until your financial aid has been awarded.

Make sure you pay your bill

Tuition, fees, books, and other charges at your host school are your responsibility. Keep in mind that in most cases, your home school won’t make payments directly to your host school. You’re expected to use any financial aid refund from your home school to pay your expenses at your host school.

Exceptions to the rule

If you receive any awards from the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (ICHE), your home school will pay those directly to your host school. These awards can be used only for tuition and mandatory fees and may not be enough to cover all of your charges at both schools. Be prepared to cover the balance if necessary.

Do you have a CVO award?

If you have an award through the Child of a Disabled Veteran Program or the Public Safety Officer Supplemental Grant Program, known collectively as the CVO Program, you can use the award at both schools. In order to do so, you must:

  • Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), listing the code for both your home school and your host school.
    • IUPUI: 001813
    • IUPUC: E01033
    • Ivy Tech (all campuses): 009917
  • Provide any requested documentation to either school’s financial aid office, including verification documentation.
  • Submit your CVO application and all necessary documentation to the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs through ScholarTrack at least 30 days before the start of the semester.
  • Meet satisfactory academic progress standards at each school.

Dropping a class under a financial assistance agreement

Before you drop a class at either campus, contact the financial aid office at your home school. Your awards may be adjusted to reflect your new enrollment status.

If you drop a class at your host school, you must immediately notify the financial aid office at your home school to assess the effect on your financial aid.

Have questions?

If you’re studying at IUPUI

If you have questions about using financial aid via the Passport Financial Assistance Agreement, contact your home school.

IUPUI Office of Student Financial Services


If you’re studying at IUPUC

If you have questions about using financial aid via the Financial Assistance Agreement, contact your home school.

IUPUC Student Financial Services


If you have general questions about the financial assistance program or how to enroll, contact IUPUC at or 812-348-7390.

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