Steps for Transfer Students

Information for transfer students

If you’re transferring to IUPUI as a degree-seeking student, you’ll need to take a few extra steps in the financial aid application process. Make sure you start as early as possible to avoid delays in receiving your aid. And keep in mind that we can’t determine your financial aid eligibility until your admission to IUPUI has been confirmed.

Attending from another IU campus?

If you’re temporarily attending IUPUI from another IU campus and plan to return to your home campus to complete your degree program, contact your home campus to discuss options for receiving financial aid as a consortium student.

Learn about consortium agreements

What to do when you transfer

  • Complete or update your FAFSA for the appropriate aid year, making sure to list or add the school code for IUPUI.
  • If you’re a recipient of a CVO grant, submit your CVO application and all necessary documentation to the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs through ScholarTrack at least 30 days before the start of the semester.
  • If you receive any private scholarships, you’ll need to contact the donor(s) directly to find out if your scholarships can be transferred to IUPUI. Note that not all scholarships are transferrable. Contact the Office of Student Scholarships with questions.
  • Cancel all financial aid at your previous school for the upcoming semester, including Direct and Parent PLUS loans. You can’t receive financial aid at two institutions at the same time, so failing to cancel will delay your awards at IUPUI.
  • If you received a private loan at your previous school, you’ll need to contact your lender to cancel any outstanding disbursements. Private education loans are tied to the individual school and are nontransferable. You’ll need to apply for a new loan if you choose to borrow through a private loan program.

Your eligibility for financial aid at IUPUI depends on any awards you received for the same aid year at your previous school.

All awards you received in a prior term will be taken into account to make sure you don’t exceed the maximum allowed by federal law.

We’ll use the most recent information available regarding funds you received at your previous school to figure your eligibility. If that information is later updated with additional awards you received, your IUPUI financial aid may be reduced. If this occurs after funds have been disbursed to your IUPUI account, you could wind up with a balance due.

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