Summer Aid

Finding financial aid for summer classes

As a rule, you’re not typically required to take summer classes. However, you may need to in order to graduate on time—or to graduate sooner. And you may need to take summer classes in order to maintain your eligibility for certain awards.

When you enroll in summer classes, we’ll evaluate you for financial aid. To be considered for summer aid, you must have filed your FAFSA and meet general eligibility requirements along with these additional requirements:

  • You must be enrolled in a minimum number of credit hours:
    • Undergraduates: At least six hours (with the exception of Federal Pell Grants, as explained on this page)
    • Graduate students: At least four hours
  • You must be making satisfactory academic progress
  • You must be enrolled in a degree program or eligible certificate program
  • You’ll need to have completed any financial aid items on your To Do List in One.IU

Different loan and grant programs may have additional requirements.


You may be able to borrow a Federal Direct Loan unless you’ve already borrowed the maximum allowed for the academic year. Other summer aid could include:

  • Federal Parent PLUS Loans
  • Federal Graduate PLUS Loans
  • Private loans
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