Part-time jobs for students

If you’re an undergraduate or graduate student and you need money to pay for your education, you may be eligible for a Federal Work-Study job. To be considered for a work-study job, you must:

  • File your FAFSA by IUPUI’s priority date of April 15 each year
  • Indicate an interest in Federal Work-Study on your FAFSA

Students with exceptional financial need will be considered for work-study eligibility. Entering freshmen with Federal Pell Grant eligibility, along with sophomores, juniors, and seniors who worked in a work-study position the previous year, will be given first priority.

If you don’t initially receive a Federal Work-Study award, you can contact the Office of Student Financial Services to learn more about your eligibility.

Learn more about work-study from the Office of Student Employment

Find a work-study job

Work-study jobs are part-time jobs available on and off campus. If you have a work-study job, the U.S. government pays part of your wages. How much you earn depends on how many hours you work (usually 15-20 per week) and your hourly pay rate. If you don’t receive a work-study job or you want to earn more, you can always apply for non-work-study positions.

You can find work-study positions as well as other jobs through Handshake. Make sure the job you’re interested in applying for is eligible for Federal Work-Study.

Search for jobs

After you’re hired

Once you’ve been hired for a work-study eligible position, first make sure you have a work-study award on your financial aid account. If not, contact the Office of Student Financial Services to find out if you’re eligible—and be sure to let us know if you have received a job offer.

The next step is to connect your Federal Work-Study award to your job. Make sure you include your employer’s name and your supervisor’s contact information. Your employer will need to submit required hiring documents before your job and your award will be connected.

Work-study authorization form

Get paid

You’ll most likely receive a biweekly paycheck directly deposited into your bank account. (However, if you’re a grad student, you may be paid monthly instead of biweekly.)

If you don’t set up direct deposit, IUPUI will issue you a Visa check card and payments will be sent to the card. The timing of your first paycheck will depend on your start date and the payroll schedule.