Steps to Register

Learn how to register for classes

When your enrollment date and time comes, you’ll use the Student Center in One.IU to register for classes. In the meantime, read and follow the instructions on this page to make sure you’re prepared.

When to register

You may register at any time after your scheduled enrollment date and time through the first week of classes. 

Keep in mind that the earlier you register, the more likely you are to get into the classes you want. You are not allowed to have someone else register you for your classes.

If you’re a currently enrolled IUPUI student, you should register during priority registration. You’ll automatically be given a date and time to begin registering for the next term, and you’ll be notified via email when your enrollment day and time have been assigned. At that time, you can also check your enrollment dates in the Student Center.

If you’re a newly admitted student, you’ll register during open registration.  For undergraduates, this typically occurs during Orientation.  For graduate/professional students, your program may offer a new student orientation and the IUPUI Graduate Office offers an online orientation that you can access any time of day.

If you previously attended IUPUI but are not enrolled in the current term and wish to enroll, contact the Office of the Registrar prior to the beginning of priority registration to confirm your registration eligibility.

Learn more about returning to IUPUI

If you’re enrolled on another IU campus and want to take a class at IUPUI, you’ll need to apply first.

Review the eligibility requirements

If you were last enrolled on another IU campus but did not graduate, you’ll need to transfer to IUPUI before you can register.

Before you register

Check out this list of tasks you must complete before your enrollment date.

Look in the Student Center to verify your enrollment date and time. This is not an in-person appointment—it’s the date and time you may begin registering through the Student Center.

Review the schedule of classes before registration starts. Make sure you know the academic requirements of your degree program.

Meet with your academic advisor and get a list of recommended courses, along with some alternative options (just in case).

Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor

Certain courses, such as those marked PERM (permission) or RSTR (restricted), must be approved by the department or school offering the course before you register.

Be sure there are no academic or financial holds that will prevent you from registering.

Learn more about permissions and holds

You can use the Shopping Cart to build and save your schedule before your registration appointment. You can also use iGPS to plan your schedule.

In the fall and spring, you can enroll in up to 18 credits hours each semester.  And remember that undergraduate students pay the same flat tuition rate when enrolling in 12-18 hours.

If you wish to enroll for a higher number of credits, you need to obtain signatures from your advisor and the dean of your school. It’s your responsibility to provide this written permission to the Office of the Registrar.

Please see the diagram below for information on summer credit hour limits.

                                                Diagram of how summer credit hours work

The summer session has a maximum credit hour limit of 18 credit hours. The first summer session and second summer session have a maximum credit hour limit of 9 credits per session. As the first and second summer sessions rest within the larger full summer session, a class taken as a full summer session class would have its credit hours count toward the maximum for both the first and second summer sessions.

It’s registration time!

Be sure to have your university ID handy when you’re ready to register.

Your enrollment date occurs during priority registration. You’re advised to register as close to your enrollment date as possible.

You may register any time after your enrollment date until registration ends immediately preceding the first day of classes. This is the open registration period.

Late registration runs from the first day of classes through the end of the first week of the semester. Learn more about late registration.

Register for classes

Whether you are enrolling in courses from your Shopping Cart or registering from the Class Search in the Student Center, we have resources to help.

After you register

After you’ve registered, you’ll be able to drop or add classes through the first week of classes. After the first week of classes, you’ll need to go through the eDrop/eAdd process instead.

Learn about the drop/add process