Steps to Register

Learn how to register for classes

When your registration appointment time comes, you’ll use the Student Center in One.IU to register for classes. In the meantime, read and follow the instructions on this page to make sure you’re prepared.

When to register

You may register at any time after your scheduled registration appointment through the first week of classes. (Your appointment doesn’t require a visit to campus; instead, you’ll register online in the Student Center.)

Keep in mind that the earlier you register, the more likely you are to get into the classes you want. You are not allowed to have someone else register you for your classes.

Before you register

Check out this list of tasks you must complete before your registration appointment.

Use Register & Drop/Add to register for your classes

  1. In the Student Center, choose “Register & Drop/Add.”
  2. Choose the term you’re registering for and select “Continue.”
  3. Review information about using the planner and the shopping cart.
  4. Review and/or update your address information, then choose “Next.”
  5. Review the optional services, select any that apply, then choose “Next.”
  6. Enter a specific class number or use Class Search or My Planner to select a course.
  7. Add the class to your shopping cart. If the class is closed and you wish to join the waitlist, check the “Waitlist” box.
  8. Choose “Enroll Now.”
  9. Choose “Finish Enrolling” to process your class request. If you’ve changed your mind about adding the class, choose “Cancel” instead.
  10. View the results of your enrollment. You may then view your class schedule or choose to add another class.

Be sure to log out

When you’ve finished registering for classes, make sure to log out and close your browser.  This will prevent others from seeing your private class registration, grade, and financial information.

After you register

After you’ve registered, you’ll be able to drop or add classes through the first week of classes. After the first week of classes, you’ll need to go through the late drop/add process instead.

Learn about the drop/add process