Grade Forgiveness

Get a fresh start with grade forgiveness

Grade forgiveness offers a second chance to undergraduate students seeking their first bachelor’s degree.

If your first attempt at your undergraduate degree from IU didn’t go so well, grade forgiveness may be your key to successfully returning to IUPUI. The grade forgiveness policy allows you to start over with a program GPA of 0.00. For any courses in which you previously received a P, an S, or better than a C, the credit hours will count toward your degree but won't be factored into your program GPA.

You can apply for grade forgiveness if:

  • You’re an undergraduate student
  • You’re pursuing your first bachelor’s degree from IU
  • You’ve been away from the IU system and have not attended any other college, university, or IU campus for at least three years

You can apply for grade forgiveness when you apply for admission to a school or degree program. If you’re interested in grade forgiveness, talk with your academic advisor or school for details.

The fine print

You can request grade forgiveness only once. However, taking advantage of this doesn’t keep you from using other available course-specific grade replacement options after you start taking classes again.

If you’re granted forgiveness, you’ll restart with a program GPA of 0.00. You must complete a minimum of 32 hours on the IUPUI campus after your return in order to meet the graduation residency requirement.

Schools retain the right to grant forgiveness and may set guidelines for a minimum GPA above which you can’t petition for forgiveness. If you change schools after re-enrolling, your new school might not honor the forgiveness granted by your previous school.

Forgiveness is available only for courses taken at Indiana University.

For more information about grade forgiveness at IUPUI, read the IUPUI Faculty Council’s policies and resolutions.