Health Professions Loans

A loan option for dental and medical students

If you’re pursuing a D.D.S. from the IU School of Dentistry or an M.D. from the IU School of Medicine, you may be eligible for a Health Professions Student Loan (HPSL).

HPSLs are available to dental and medical students whose FAFSAs show exceptional financial need, who are enrolled full time, and who meet satisfactory academic progress standards. You’re automatically considered for this loan if you submit your FAFSA, including parent income information regardless of your age or marital status, by the priority deadline each year.

If you’ve been approved

IUPUI’s Office of Student Financial Services determines loan amounts, and the University Collections and Loan Services handles the promissory note, entrance and exit counseling, and repayment process for HPSLs.

After your HPSL is approved, the Student Loan Administration will contact you at your university email address and on your To Do List to notify you to sign your promissory note. Complete the process as soon as you can to avoid a delay in your funding.

Sign your promissory note

Interest accrual and the grace period

HPSLs have a fixed interest rate of 5 percent. Interest does not accrue during deferment and grace periods.

Your 12-month grace period begins when you graduate or drop below full time. Repayment begins when your 12-month grace period ends.

Loan repayment

You’ll be required to go through exit counseling when you’re scheduled to graduate from IUPUI or drop below full time. An exit interview is your opportunity to review the amount of your loans and rights and responsibilities in repaying these loans.

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