IUPUI Scholarships

Find an IUPUI scholarship

Do you have a record of outstanding academic achievement? A passion to succeed? A gift for leadership? A proven desire to serve your community? Do you need help paying for college? If you said yes to any (or all) of these, you may be eligible for a scholarship from IUPUI.

If you're a current undergraduate student or getting ready to start at IUPUI as a new student in an upcoming term, check IU’s scholarship system for scholarships you may be recommended for. We also encourage you to contact your school for scholarship opportunities related to your field of study.

Looking for a graduate or professional student scholarship, fellowship, or grant? Check with the IUPUI Graduate Office.

Explore admission-based scholarships

If you're getting ready to apply to IUPUI as a beginning freshman or transfer student, or have recently been admitted, explore what scholarships you may be eligible to receive when with your admission. You’re automatically considered for the highest scholarship for which you’re eligible through your admissions application—no additional scholarship application is required.

Learn more about admission-based scholarships

You can also keep track of priority and extended deadlines for these awards through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Scholarships, financial aid, and cost of attendance

If you are receiving aid from multiple programs, institutional scholarships may be reduced to equal your official cost of attendance (COA) for the year. Only financial aid in the form of external scholarships or the Pell Grant may be awarded to exceed the COA.

Occasionally due to the timing of additional scholarships being awarded, the scholarship may not be paid-out in the form of cash funds (i.e., as money paid into your Bursar account), but instead, may reduce already released aid such as your student/parent loan burden, or other federal, state, or institutional aid by the amount awarded.