Calculate Your GPA

What is—and isn’t—included in your GPA calculation

Only courses with grades of A+ through F are used in calculating your GPA.

If you’re pursuing a Purdue degree at IUPUI, your GPA will be calculated following Purdue’s grading policy. Courses taken at any IU or Purdue campus and included in your program of study will be used to calculate your final GPA when you’ve earned your degree. This degree GPA will appear on your IU transcript only upon completion of your degree.

Courses taken at non-IU institutions are not used in calculating your IU GPA.

If you’re enrolled at more than one IU campus during your academic career, your cumulative GPA will be for all of your IU coursework, not separated by campus.

If you pursue both an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree at IU, your undergraduate and graduate GPAs are calculated separately.

Note that your GPA on your official transcript will be carried to the fourth decimal place and then rounded. For example, a calculated value of 3.9793 would be rounded to 3.979, while a calculated value of 3.9795 would be rounded up to 3.980.

How your degree GPA compares to your university GPA

In some cases, schools calculate a degree GPA which varies slightly from your cumulative GPA as it appears on your transcript. This is due to differences in program requirements and occurs most often in Purdue degree programs. Check with your school recorder for more information.

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