Grade Changes

How to request a grade change

If you believe there’s been an error in the calculation or assignment of a grade, it’s your responsibility to contact your instructor. The instructor can request for your grade to be changed if there’s an error.

If you can’t resolve the matter with your instructor or you’re unable to contact them, talk to the chair or director of the department or program in which the course was offered to learn more about the grade change appeal process. Required steps—including deadlines and timelines—may vary.

The grade change appeal process

You can resolve grade change requests, grade discrepancies, or grade disputes through the submission of a grade change appeal after the course concludes.

You’re able to submit an appeal only if you took the course within the last five years. (Academic units may choose to enforce shorter time periods.) Exceptions to this five-year period are extremely rare.

If you’re an undergraduate student, you can submit a grade change appeal. The completed appeal will go to the Office of the Registrar, who will distribute the form(s) to the appropriate academic unit(s). Please contact the Office of the Registrar at 317-274-1519 or with questions or to request this form in an accessible format.

If you’re a graduate or professional student, requests are subject to the policies of the academic unit offering the course. Contact them directly for details.

Grade change decisions are made by the academic unit offering the course. If your request is approved, the school will notify the Office of the Registrar to update your record. If your request is denied, the school will notify you directly. Please allow four weeks for the review process to be completed.

Grade change appeals for courses older than five years will not be considered.

Requests for withdrawal after a course concludes

Schools cannot consider a retroactive withdrawal request if you’ve completed the course.

Failure to withdraw yourself from a course, even if you’ve never attended, isn’t sufficient reason for the course to be deleted from your record.

IUPUI will consider deleting a course from your record only in cases where the university has made an error. This is also true for grades of W.

For more information about grade and withdrawal policies at IUPUI, read the IUPUI Faculty Council’s policies and resolutions.

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