Check Your Degree Progress

Find out how close you are to earning your degree

You can use IUPUI’s online Academic Advisement Report (AAR) to review the requirements of your degree and how close you are to graduating. This tool also allows you to generate a report to see how your courses might apply to a different major.

Using the academic advisement report

To create a degree progress report based on your current school and major, you’ll use the AAR task in One.IU. Verify your campus and academic program, then choose the AAR type. Your report will display those requirements you’ve satisfied, those that are in progress, and those that still need to be completed.

Your academic advisement report isn’t a substitute for meeting regularly with your academic advisor. Use it to prepare for your advising sessions.

Creating a what-if report

If you’re considering changing your major, you can create a what-if report to see how the courses you’ve already taken will apply to a new program of study. Use the What-If Academic Advisement Report in One.IU. You can also use this tool to explore majors and programs on other IU campuses.

You can use the what-if report to see how future classes will affect your degree progress. Search for the courses you plan to take and add them to your scenario to see where they might apply.

Plan ahead with iGPS

Success doesn’t just happen—you have to plan for it. The Interactive Graduation Planning System (iGPS) ties together many systems to provide you with immediate feedback about your degree completion progress.

One part of degree progress is finding the right classes for your degree. Work with your advisor and the tools in iGPS to plan and to find the classes that are offered each semester.

Use the iGPS Degree Maps and Plan to map out your future courses.

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