Tuition Disputes

How to dispute your tuition

If you drop a course or withdraw from all courses after the refund period due to significant or unusual circumstances, you have the right to submit a tuition dispute. You must do so within one year of the end of the semester in which you dropped the course or withdrew from all courses.

Reasons to file a dispute

We’ll consider tuition disputes only for very specific, extenuating circumstances, including:

  • University error
  • A recent medical condition
  • Immediate family emergency such as death or severe illness
  • Transfer to another university

How to file a dispute

As the student, only you can initiate a tuition dispute. We’ll consider disputes from your parent or legal guardian only when extremely serious and documented circumstances prevent you from filing a dispute yourself.

To file a dispute, first you must drop the class (or classes) you wish to dispute or else formally withdraw from IUPUI. Before your dispute can be considered, all dropped classes must have a grade of W. (For more info on grade changes, please visit Next, submit a tuition dispute form along with the required documentation and your personal statement.

The dispute process takes about three weeks (longer if you’re missing documentation). We may request additional documentation.

We’ll notify you by email or mail after a decision has been made. If we approve your petition, your tuition and fees will be automatically adjusted.

What documentation is required?

University error

You must provide a dated letter on university letterhead from the appropriate university official or department citing university error. If you are unable to obtain the letter, you may substitute documentation of your attempts to get the letter.

Recent medical condition

Your medical provider must complete the Bursar medical documentation form. 

Immediate family emergency
  • Death: You must provide a death certificate or obituary notice.
  • Severe illness: You must provide a dated letter on letterhead from the attending physician containing the dates of occurrence, nature, and severity of your relative’s illness or injury.
Transfer to another university

You must provide official enrollment verification on letterhead with a university seal from another university containing dates and term attended.

File a dispute

Fill out a petition