CVO Program

CVO program grants

Indiana’s Child of a Disabled Veteran Program and Public Safety Officer Supplemental Grant Program, collectively known as the CVO program, provide tuition and fee assistance for some veterans and dependents of military and public safety officers, including:

  • Eligible children of disabled Indiana veterans
  • Eligible children and spouses of certain members of the Indiana National Guard killed while on state active duty
  • Eligible children and spouses of certain Indiana public safety officers killed in the line of duty

CVO grants supplement other state financial aid. Be sure to submit your completed, corrected FAFSA at least five to seven business days before you apply for either of these grants.

A CVO grant pays

  • 100% of tuition
  • 100% of general fee
  • 100% of repair and rehabilitation fee

A CVO grant does not pay

  • Course-related fees
  • Textbook fees
  • Room and board

Learn more about CVO grants

You can find more information about CVO grants at the Indiana Commission for Higher Education under the heading “Financial Aid for Military and Public Safety Officers.”

If you’re interested in receiving a CVO grant, submit your application and all necessary documentation to the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs through ScholarTrack at least 30 days before the start of the semester.

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