View Your Grades

Find out how you did in your courses

You can expect your term grades to be official approximately one week after the end of the semester. Grades will be viewable one day after your instructor submits them. 

Where do you stand?

Generally, the number of IU course hours you’ve completed with a passing grade and any transfer hours you may have earned outside of the IU system are added together to determine your class standing. In some cases, your standing may be determined by where you are in your program instead. This is particularly true if you’ve changed majors and a significant number of your hours won’t apply to your new major.

Class standings are:

  • Freshman: 0–29 hours
  • Sophomore: 30–59 hours
  • Junior: 60–89 hours
  • Senior: 90+ hours
  • Master graduate/masters
  • Doctorate beyond graduate level
  • Thesis G900
  • Special undergraduate/graduate