Waitlisting a Course

You really want that course—and so does everyone else

Interested in registering for a class, but all the seats are filled? You can join the waitlist. If a seat later becomes available, the waitlist system will attempt to place a student into that open seat. The first student on the waitlist who meets the eligibility requirements will be placed into the class.

Note that your enrollment status is based on the number of credit hours for which you’re registered—waitlist hours don’t count. If you need to maintain a certain enrollment level, register for a schedule that will work for you and use the drop if enrolled option.

You won’t be able to waitlist a course that requires class or school authorization until the department has granted you permission. Make sure to request permission as soon as possible—ideally before your authorized registration time.

Check your waitlist status daily

Once you place yourself on a waitlist, it is your responsibility to monitor your waitlist status in My Class Schedule.

If you decide not to take a course you have waitlisted, you must drop the waitlist request to ensure you are not placed in the class. If you’re placed in the class before you have a chance to remove yourself from the waitlist, you’ll need to drop the class.

Once waitlist processing has ended, your request will automatically expire if you have not been added to the class. If you still wish to try to add the class after your request expires, follow the procedures for adding a class.

Find out when waitlist requests expire

Frequently asked questions about the waitlist system

Still have questions about waitlists? Call the help line at 317-274-1519.