Requesting and changing an Incomplete grade

You can ask your instructor for a grade of Incomplete if you satisfactorily completed a substantial portion of your coursework, but extenuating circumstances during the term prevented you from completing all coursework as of the end of the semester.

Your instructor has the right to set a specific date, up to one year, by which you must complete all unfinished work.

In some cases, your instructor may recommend or require you to attend another term (or portion of a term) of the course to remove your I. In this case, don’t register for the course a second time. Instead, make arrangements with your instructor to sit in on the course as required. Note that sitting in on a course does not count as part of your full-time or part-time load for financial aid purposes or for loan deferments. If your original instructor isn’t available or is no longer with IUPUI, contact the chair of the school or department that offers the course for assistance.

Once you’ve completed the work, the instructor will change your I to the appropriate letter grade. You can track the progress of your request or check your academic record for grade information.

If you fail to complete the coursework and turn it in to your instructor in the time allowed, your I will automatically become an F.

Read the university’s policy on incompletes