Enrollment Verification

How to get verification of your IUPUI enrollment

At some point, you may need an enrollment verification certificate to prove your current or past enrollment status as an IUPUI student.

Beginning the second week of the term, once enrollment is official, you can obtain an enrollment verification certificate.  Good student verifications will be available approximately three weeks after a term ends.

What does an enrollment verification include?

When a third party requires an enrollment verification, they usually just need confirmation of your current enrollment, your enrollment status, and your expected graduation date. Good student discounts through your insurance company are based on your grades and GPA. Other discounts may be based on conferral of your degree. You’ll have the option to request any available information you want to provide to the third party.

About your enrollment status

Verification of your enrollment status is based on the number of hours you’re enrolled in a term. Full-time enrollment is often required for you to be covered by insurance. At least half-time enrollment is often needed to to defer loan payments. Make sure you consider all possible consequences before you drop below full-time status.

Undergraduate enrollment

  • Full time: 12 hours
  • Half time: 6 hours

If you’re working on an undergraduate degree that requires at least 120 credit hours, you should plan to complete 15–16 hours per semester in order to graduate in eight semesters.

Graduate enrollment

  • For graduate students enrolled under the traditional semester calendar:
Full time: 8 hours
  • Half time: 4 hours

For graduate students enrolled under the quarter calendar:

  • Full time: 6 hours
  • Half time: 3 hours

For some graduate students, typically those doing dissertation work, fewer hours may be required to maintain full-time status.

Enrollment for GI Bill recipients

To receive the most out of your education benefits from the Federal Veterans Administration, recipients must maintain full time status.  Because each student's schedule may vary, you are encouraged to contact the Office for Veterans and Military Personnel once you have enrolled in your courses for guidance.

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